Top 3 Insider Tips to Find the Best Manager

May 23, 2024

Navigating the music industry can be complex, but aligning with a management team that truly understands your career objectives is crucial. Here are three essential factors to consider when selecting a management company that aligns with your professional needs.


The ability to secure new work opportunities regularly is vital for producers. Whether it’s participating in studio sessions with artists, distributing loops/samples, or getting toplines placed, the relevance of a manager’s network cannot be overstated. As a producer, you should look for management that perfectly suits your needs. For instance, if you are based in Germany and aspire to collaborate with local artists, ensure your manager has strong connections within the German music scene. Do not be swayed by managers boasting extensive networks in regions or genres that do not pertain to your goals. Specialized management that aligns with your specific needs is more beneficial.

Industry Trust

Trust is fundamental when working with any management company. It's advisable to speak with other producers under the same management to gauge their trust levels. The best managers maintain close relationships with their producers and are genuinely committed to their careers. While a strong network is advantageous, the trust and rapport a manager fosters with their clients often define their quality. If there are significant grievances from other clients, it's crucial to address them directly with the potential manager to understand the context and assess compatibility.

Fair Terms

While effective management can justifiably command a substantial percentage of your income due to the value they add, be cautious of terms that exceed 30% of your total earnings. Additionally, contract length should be reasonable; industry standards typically dictate a two-year term in most regions. Watch for clauses that could unduly extend the contract duration without your consent. Always negotiate terms that seem unfavorable, but remain realistic about the demands you place on your management, ensuring they are mutually beneficial and do not undermine the manager's incentive to invest in your career. For example, if you only want to give away 3% of your income and seek only a six-month contract, why should the manager invest a lot of time in your career when he earns 20% from other producers on two-year contracts in his roster?

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