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We’re thrilled to share with you the biggest update we’ve ever rolled out: introducing ArtistConnect 2.0! With a ton of improvements, new features, and simplified processes, this version has been created with one thing in mind: Making your collaborative music production easier, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.

1. Streamlined Uploading Flow

We know how important time is for our users, so we’ve optimized the upload flow to take less than 30 seconds — yes, only 30 seconds. It includes a new way to set up royalty split info, ensuring fair profit distribution becomes smoother than ever.

2. Unlimited Selection of File Types

Your creativity shouldn’t be limited by the file types you can share. Now, you’re free to upload more than just loops, starters, and beats. With ArtistConnect 2.0, you can share One-Shots, Drums, and Vocals. And guess what? We have more file types coming soon.

3. Priority Send Feature

Instead of receiving random files, you'll receive personalized submissions for your specific needs and requirements. The key to unlocking this powerful feature lies in your profile. There you can adjust your needs to indicate your preferences in what submissions you want to receive. The more detailed your needs are, the more precise the melodies you receive will be.

This allows other users to understand your preferences better and send you tailored files that perfectly align with your needs.

Users can send up to 25 files each week to users. This increases your chances of getting a placement significantly, as the recipient gets fewer but more relevant files.

4. Enhanced File Management Interface

ArtistConnect 2.0 also brings a more efficient and flexible file management interface. Now, managing your files, creating packs, and sharing your uploads with the world is easier than ever.

5. Saved Search

Do you often find yourself using the same search queries and filter settings? If so, this feature is for you. Now you can save your favorite search queries and filter settings, making your creative journey with us even more convenient.

We’ll stop talking now. Try it out for yourself! Click here.


the AC Team