Our vision

Empowering passionate musicians to earn money with music.

Our mission

To be the easiest way for the world's music creators to connect, collaborate and make it.

Our values
Rhythm of risk-taking 🥁🚀

We work on the beat of calculated risk. We fearlessly experiment, identify what works, iterate and rock on. No rewind, only lessons to remind.

In key with transparency 🎼🪟

We ensure everyone's on the same beat. This means we equip our team members with the same chords empowering them to make the right decisions. Diverse opinions compose the sweetest symphonies.

Own your part ✊🎸

We take ownership and earn our stage. We step up for our responsibilities and are proud of what we do.

Creators are our stars 👨‍🎤🤩

We build a stage-worthy service in perfect harmony with our creators and build as creatively as they. We help all Creators, whether already up in the charts or just starting out.

Our team

Our leadership draws on experience from software engineering, artist management and investment banking.

Matti Schmidt
Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Matti studied Computer Science at the renowned Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam previously worked at komoot, IAV and HPI School Cloud.

Oliver Nowak
Co-Founder & Product Lead

Oliver previously managed the German artist Zensery (1.5+ mio. monthly listeners) and was responsible for his social media channels, music videos and other creative projects.

Loris Lange
Co-Founder & CEO

Loris studied business administration in Mannheim & Madrid and previously worked in investment banking in Frankfurt am Main.

Our story

During college, we built Europe's largest music production blog with over 50,000 monthly readers by interviewing successful composers about their craft. Through interviewing them, we realized that there are so many great and inspiring musicians who will never have the chance to make a living from their music. This touched us deeply and is the reason why we started ArtistConnect.