Split Sheet / Producer Agreement.

This agreement is between the Producer, the Loop Maker and ArtistConnect.

1. General

By uploading the loops, the loop maker confirms to be the sole author of the loops (compositions). The loop maker warrants that no loops, interpolations, repetitions or other third party copyrighted material is included in the Composition to which the loop maker does not own any rights. If a loop is the subject of a copyright claim in connection with the Composition and/or payment of monies attributable to the Composition, the loop maker agrees that its own interest in the copyright and/or monies attributable to the composition will be reduced unless it is responsible for providing the loop.

2. Split

The split specified by the loop maker when uploading the loops (revenue split) is legally binding for the producer. However, if the loop maker and the producer subsequently agree on a different split, the subsequently agreed split shall apply.

3. Credits

The credits are to be given in the form (prod. by 'Producer', 'Loop Maker'). However, if the loop maker and producer subsequently agree on a different allocation of credits, the subsequently agreed credit allocation shall apply.

4. Major Placements

If a song in which the loop is used (placement) reaches more than 100,000 streams, the producer must inform the loop maker and ArtistConnect immediately. If the song is likely to reach more than 100,000 streams based on the streaming numbers of the artist's previous songs, the loop maker and ArtistConnect must be informed of the placement before the song is released. This is the case at the latest for artists with more than 30,000 streams on Spotify.

5. ArtistConnect Share

ArtistConnect, as the agent of the placement, receives 20 % of the loop maker's revenue from the placement (If a loop maker generates €100 in revenue from a placement, then ArtistConnect receives €20).